• 1.FAQ
  • How much are your services?

    We charge $30 for dog boarding, that includes 24 hours of watching your dog in our home. If you’d like a shorter stay we offer Day Care for $25 which includes an 8 hour stay. We can also do drop in visits in your home for $15 a pet per visit.

  • What’s included with your services?

    We will: care for your dog 24/7 (we work from home so we’re almost always here), play with them, feed them, walk them twice daily, and love them like they’re our own. Your dog will say in our home with our resident boxer. We have a doggie door so they can go in and out as they want. We have over an acre of fenced in yard for them to run and play.

  • What do I need to bring when I drop my dog off?

    When you come to drop off your dog please bring everything they may need for their stay. This includes food, leash, dog bowl, dog bed, instructions on caring for your dog, etc. We have a larger waterer so no need for a water bowl and if they’re staying for boarding we may have a crate for them to sleep in, please inquire.

  • What time is drop off & pick up?

    We are very flexible with drop off and pick up times and don’t have set times. We do require notice of both pick up and drop off, this can be done via phone, email, text, etc. Pick up time is after 24 hours of dog boarding and after 8 hours of dog sitting or before that time. If you know you’re going to be late we may need to add time onto your stay and that can be done with a custom quote at time of booking.

  • Do you require my dog have all their vaccinations?

    Your dog should always have their shots updated as per your veterinarian’s recommendations. Being up-to-date on vaccinations is a safety precaution for not only your dog but all the humans they come in contact with as well as other dogs they may be around.

  • Do you have kennels?

    We do not have kennels. The dogs stay in the house with our dog and we have crates for sleeping and feeding time.

  • Do you watch cats?

    No, we don’t watch cats in our home but we’d be glad to do a drop-in visit to your home. We can stop by to meet you and your cat, pick up a key and instructions. We’ll stop by while you’re gone, feed them, clean their litter box and give them lots of love (if that’s what they want). The Rover app will tell you when we arrive, when we leave and we can send some photos of your pet as well! You’ll feel reassured that everything is good at home while you’re away.